Feb 23

Nuclear Squirrels

Apparently LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) has had a rash of blown transformers lately. It seems some mystery squirrels may be to blame:

[10:13am] neb: My understanding is that it won't be up until at least 12PM PST
[10:14am] nic__: ouch
[10:14am] neb: There were literally half a dozen facility type people working in the area when I headed back home.
[10:15am] nic__: wow. you know it is serious when >2 show up
[10:15am] neb: Last week we had the tranformer blow that took out thunder.
[10:15am] nic__: seems to be a pattern...
[10:15am] neb: And there was a joke going around about a "drop squirrel".
[10:16am] nic__: LOL
[10:16am] nic__: that just smells bad...not that I would know or anthing
[10:16am] nic__: anything even
[10:16am] neb: The joke is, <a href="http://cialis-generic-online.net" title="buy ed pills" style="text-decoration:none;color:#676c6c">more about</a>  that any time something serious goes wrong the facilities people reach into their freezer and <br /> get a dead frozen squirrel and drop in at the site of the problem. That way they affix blame on someone other than themselves.
[10:17am] neb: "Oh shit this looks bad. Quick grab a drop squirrel"

It’s official — my first piece of squirrel humor. Oh wow…I should really put a story up from my Philadelphia apartment. Anna, you kill me for that one ?

And of course there was more later…

neb: westlund, how are things going there. Are you physically at the lab?
[3:57pm] acu-home: I haven't heard a peep in hours
[3:58pm] neb: That russian ICBM must have really done a number on stuff.
[3:59pm] acu-home: Wasn't an ICBM.  They say a squirrel got into the prototype matter converter.
[3:59pm] neb: I thought that was just the "cover story"
[4:00pm] neb: The one we were supposed to tell everyone so that they wouldn't know what <it>really happened</it>
[4:00pm] acu-home: The hidden story is that the squirrel is still in there
[4:01pm] acu-home: looks out window and see 38 ton squirrel go by
[4:01pm] neb: You mean that the when the drop squirrel got hit with the radiation it developed super powers and is now on a rampage.
[4:02pm] acu-home: shhhh

Feb 20

NASCAR is back!

Mmmm, sale tasty car racing. The Daytona 500 is such a treat — start thinking about weather warming up, riding the Harley, grilling, etc. The race was quite good — my boy Dale Jr. did not have a fantastic race until the last 25 laps or so, then he did the usual ‘shoot-to-the-front-in-5-laps’ drill. Alas, it was not to be a day for victory lane, as Rubber Head (Kurt Busch for the uninformed) managed to block the 8, allowing Jeff Gordon to hold on to his lead. Blech, drivers who enunciate have no place in my beloved sport! By finishing 3rd, Jr has given the massive horde great hopes for a good season — I’m rooting for a series championship, but 40 some odd races are left, so anything could happen.

On a side note, there really is nothing better than forced laziness on a Sunday — especially when Tivo affords you a mid-race nap. As tomorrow is a holiday for us US folks (well at least one of the ones CFS observes), I’m gonna be having a fine Monday of sleeping in and …god who knows what. The utility room and garage could use some serious help getting arranged, and I suppose a trip around the house with a mop bucket would not kill me. I really do need to get the place ready for use — especially if I am going to be potty training a puppy in the utility room. I’m guessing that dog pee does not help ones brewing equipment either. Mmmmm DoggyDoo Brew. I’ve got to say it — “now there is some GOOD brown ale!”

Hrm — there have been a few things rattling round my head lately, so hold on for some random rants…

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Feb 20

Naked Women and Beer

Now this is what I call a weekend! So, treat where to start…. I think it started Friday, ahh yes, Friday. Kris gave me a call and convinced me to head to Planet Lockwood with him. You know, that man gets me into more fun or trouble — I guess that is what best friends are for ? For those of you who don’t know, Planet Lockwood is one of those fine establishments that allows men with money to see girls with no clothes. sniff Ahh, the smell of captialism….and cheap perfume. I think it is official now, the cost of living in Montana is much lower. I have been to a few of these ‘Gentlemens Clubs’ (what a misnomer that is) in Philly and Jersey, and I have to say that the girls work harder here for a dollar than I’ve ever seen. Kris tossed a few dollars on the bar in front of me, and the girls would of course come over and use creative methods to scoop up the dollars, sometimes after strategically placing those bills on your person. I’m not one who goes to get all worked up in a lather by the girls — I enjoy more the whole scene, sometimes it is just down right hillarious. The trick is to remember — they don’t really like you, and in NO circumstances (well, at least not for less than a grand) are they going home with you….not that you’d really like to do that.

We continued to the “Anything for a dollar” theme from last night , and headed to BullWhackers to hook up with the rest of the crew and do some liver damage. Lucky me, they had Fat Tire on special for a dollar. As usual, I proceeded to drink lots — it is a fun thing to do you know! The best part was that Kris picked me up, so I had none of the usual driving worries to slow my consumption. We had the requrisite blast, spiced up by seeing the fruits of Mary’s visit to the piercing shop, very nice. Thanks to Chad for the lift home.

Saturday night was a bit calmer, and unfortunately was not a continuation of the dollar drink specials. I hit King’s Korner for a few games of pool with K &C, Troy, Sam and Bill. It was then onto the Red Door. It is amazing how good some of those karaoke singers are. Kris, Christy & I took off around midnight and crashed at my place — their house is a bit stanky after refinishing their tub. The fireplace got used again, and Tivo was her usual great self.

All in all, a nice lecherous weekend. Tuesday I will have to return to the guise of a nice dependable software engineer. I have to mention, it has been sometime since I’ve had this many friends to go out and party with. It is soooo nice.

Feb 17

“…Double Round of Crown…”

So, discount I have finally broken down and let The Man put it to me for a gym membership. The good news is that I will be working towards a very svelte Nic. Photos to scare the women and children soon! Kris has remained good enough to drag my butt towards said gym. Sometimes you just need a bit of motivation. I have taken it upon myself to start eating better to help this effort, syringe so I will actually be cooking more and hitting Wendy’s less.

Melanie called me while I was at the grocery store, click and it turns out it was Travis Gs barfday. The plan was to hit the Wild West (oh how I hate that place, let me count the metric assloads of cigarette smoke in the air…) for a couple of drinks and make an early night of it. Riiiiight. They were having a $1 USD special on Crown Royal drinks. Let the party begin! I had a few (ok, a few doubles, but who is counting) and had quite a good time.

It has been sooo long since I’ve gotten toasty on a Thursday night. I can’t help but remember the years of ol’ White Dog. Wow did we kill a lot of pitchers there, enough that someone named her cat after the beer we always drank. And no it was not “Bud”, we drank real beer. Following that link might shed some light on the naming of my group of friends too.

Feb 14

Happy Porn Day!

So, unhealthy as it was put by Jon, viagra today is “Singles Awareness Day”. That’s right, if you are single, today you REALLY know it. I don’t really have an excuse to buy a bottle of Veuve or a couple quarts of strawberries this year, but then again, does one really need an excuse to do that? I think this year is particularily annoying, as most of my friends here are now married or might as well be. Don’t they realize how unfair that is to me? =D

At any rate, if you do have someone special this Valentines day, do the rest of us a favor and go stick your genitals in the toaster. No seriously, you are bugging me! On the plus side, that should free up some folks for the rest of us. Hrm, ok, well let me rethink that — if you have someone special and are male, go play in traffic blindfolded. Gee, not bitter or anything am I?

So, you ask, what are my plans for the evening ? Well, I think I will start off with the day’s first shower, really just for good measure, then hit the grocery store for some fixins — not sure what I’ll make, but I am thinking chicken something-or-other, ooooh, I should grab some beer too. After dinner, I plan on getting toasted and making sweet, sweet love to the Tivo. She’ll never leave me, well, as long I as I keep sending in those payments.

Feb 12

Bourbon: 1 Liver: 0

Ahh yes, cialis 40mg good old bourbon. I belive Shakespeare said it best: “It stimulates the desire, hospital but hinders the performance”. I’m pretty sure the gate keeper was refrerring to getting ones winky wet, but I think it applies to anything — driving, speaking, not peeing on ones shoes, not peeing on other peoples shoes, etc.

So — Friday night was Matt’s birthday and Mandy threw him a surprise party down at the shop. Kris, Christy, Sam and I hit the Circle for some good spongein’ and then the liquor store next door for the nights refreshment. I was feeling frisky, so I splurged for a bottle of Maker’s Mark. I think the last time I had this was drinking at the Union League on someone elses tab. The party was pretty fun and I ended up drinking half the bottle. Yeah, whoops. One of these days I am going to realize that drinking continuously for 6 hours does make one VERY drunk.

Feb 11

Its Friiiiiday!

It has been a pretty busy week at work — 2 of the 3 QA folks are doing final verification testing on a large deliverable for Cray, hospital so I’ve been trying to hold down the fort for regular testing. I am quite looking forward to getting a few beers in me, this and just relaxing.

On the pet front, I have settled on getting a Border Collie. I am going to be scouring the area for a good breeder and go from there. Now I have to start figuring out how to train it. Weee!

Not much else going on — just pooped. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Oh wait! There is more! Ha!

So — In case you did not know, I am playing on a volleyball team at the local YMCA (Rec B league). I was pretty rusty to start, but thanks to Kris, Jenny, and Troy, I’ve managed to get back into the swing of things. I even managed to get up and finally hit a good spike or two the last game. Of course I am still blocking a few, but we video taped the last game, so I should be able to refine my TigerStyle.

As random chance would have it, one of the girls on the opposing team was someone I knew in high school. Stephanie Heleckson? Hellgeson? At any rate, it was fun to catch up with her. So starts the efforts of finding cool girls here to be friends with — lord knows my friends are not helping in that category. After the game we (the team, silly) headed to Tiny’s for a few beers. I ended up chillin’ with Kara after Sam, Christy, and Kris took off and chugging a few more Schoonies. It was quite nice getting to chat with her — turns out she is pretty damn cool. Good times, good times.

Feb 09

Pets & Work

First off — if you are in the Boston area (Liza!) and want to hang out March 9-13, ampoule holler at me. It looks like I’ll be in the area for work those days and I would love to see a few of you again.

Work is treating me well — we are quite busy, viagra but it is not retarded again…yet. I am enjoying a return to just cranking out testing and trying to keep on top of bugs, cialis 40mg etc. Hopefully my efforts will pay off, we will fix a few bugs, and then we can get back to all the crazy automation work again.

So, I’ve gotten word that my deposit on the place in CT is being sent soon, so I am getting a dog. I’ve been tossing it around for a few months, and I’m set. I want a dog. It was either that or a new girlfriend, and seeing how both shed, consume food, require love and attention, and can make a mess all over, I am going for a dog. :P.

At first I was thinking a Wire Haired Fox Terrier like Max, but the more I think about it, I want a more mellow dog. Right now the current obsession is with either a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd. Both are dogs that are quite mellow, don’t shed much if groomed, don’t bark much, are good in the house, and are generally great companion dogs. Kiko says so, and I love Kris & Christy’s dog Sage (heck, I picked him out!). I’m thinking it would be fun to have dog that can play frisbee too, seeings as my frisbee pals are either in D.C (Marcus) or Ottawa (Coop).

Any suggestions ?

So, for now I am just checking the paper for puppies and waiting for that check…

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