Jul 19

first yeast starter

So my first yeast starter… a few notes:

  • Palmer rocks and has a nice calculator for pitching rates for various starter types (with O2, online with stir plate, plague etc)

  • Working with the stainless diffuser stone is a PITA – just time consuming with the 15min boils to clean/sanitize it.

  • I am too cheap to buy a stir plate yet – I’m saving for my very keezer. From Palmer’s calc it just seemed to increase the amount of starter I needed by ~.5L. The starter seemed to turn out just fine.

  • @#$@# is boiling in an Erlenmeyer flask touchy – friggin boilovers are a constant problem. I’m not sure if this is due to our asstastic smooth top electric stove or if it is just the nature of the beast. I think some foam control might be in order. Other folks seem to love the stuff.

  • It did seem to start to fade (bubble activity) after 18hrs, next time need to get it into the fermenter before that.

  • Lag time: 2hrs. That’s right bitches.

Jul 18

Is this what shoe shopping makes women feel ?

I just returned from the not so local HBS Midwest Supplies, dermatologist with a bag of goodies for tomorrow’s brew. I’m a fan of their store – more than Northernbrewer – larger and they ship their mail-order catalog supplies from the same location. It seems they have quite a high turnover – for instance, sales the yeast I got was dated July 14th.

Anyhoo – picked up a 2L Erlenmeyer and oxygenation kit. This will be the first starter and I’m going off of Palmer’s Pitching Calculator. It should be interesting.

BTW – Is this how women feel after hitting a shoe store sale ? If so, healing I think I get it now…

Below is the recipe I’m brewing tomorrow: Continue reading

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