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This is a shamless listing of the Let’s Brew (Wednesday) Postings from Ron’s blog at Shut Up About Barclay Perkins. All of the posts can be found at the Let’s Brew tag.

I wanted an easier listing of these and couldn’t find a way to do that from his site. I will add any brewing & tasting notes of my own as I do those recipes.

Various Beer Brewing related info – processes and techniques, unhealthy ingredients, health system etc.

How I Brew

Interesting Recipes Todo



2 thoughts on “Beer Brewing Info

  1. Hi Nic,

    First time I visited your site.. really nice.. very well organized.
    I finally brewed beer down here in Peachtree Ctiy. I’m teaching a buddy how to brew
    all gain.. soo I shiped my sutff down here.. Nice time of the year to brew beer..

    I was reading your last brew session and I have a question for you.. Why do you but your
    salt addtions in the boil kettle and not the mash? I’ve heard it is better to put it in the mash
    due to the mash will help the salts into solution better. Where as the salts in the boil.. alot
    will just precipitate out…
    Hope you are doing well…

    • Hey Steve – I hope you are keeping warm down there, lots of snow up here!

      I add the salts to the kettle just to shift the water profile balance (either bitter or malty depending on style) and to add enough calcium to help ensure a healthy ferment. St. Paul water is below 50ppm Ca, so I’ve started bumping that a bit. I don’t do a mash addition unless I need to adjust the pH. As for the salts not dissolving in the boil, I’m not seeing why they wouldn’t. The pH of the mash and boil are not all that different – certainly the boil is below 6 (mash pH 5.4 +=.2, sparge pH 5-6), so I should still be able to dissolve them. However…this is just me filling in the gaps, if there is literature on this I’d certainly change my ways.


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