Tasting Notes for 1933 Barclay Perkins Sweet Stout

1933 Barclay Perkins Sweet Stout

Tasting Notes

for International Homebrew Project ’11 – Sweet Stout.

For those of you who have dodgy memories, discount this was a collaborative brew-n-blog initiated by the fine gentleman over at Fuggled. This is a report on the final beer – tasting and wrap up thoughts.

A few notes on how my batch turned out:

I “overshot” the OG by 12 pts, for sale mostly due to extra mash efficiency. I hit the pre-boil gravity via raw wort, so the 12 pts of Lactose put me over the top. I’ve had less than wonderful success retaining body and mouthfeel when diluting other beers, so Rick and I left this one as is. Also, it only fermented out to 1.033, so I didn’t need to dose it again with lactose in the secondary/keg.

Stats: OG 1.065, 40 BU, ABV 4.3%, kegged to 2.1 Volumes CO2

  • Appearance – Inky black death. Creamy tan head, low in height, fades to persistent ring of bubbles. Great lacing, and the legs – holy cow. Picture black chocolate milk. Low levels of carbonation.
  • Smell – Dense chocolate with hint of roast – almost coffee like in background. Faint levels of dark fruit and molasses. Quite pungent, lovely.
  • Taste – Roast coffee and chocolate right on, sweet then roasty and bitter transition nicely to a lingering aftertaste. No real fruits or yeast esters. Finish is bitter roasty chocolate — but with a sweet taste. Odd sensation for a beer, but lovely.
  • Mouthfeel – Quite full bodied, nice creaminess up front then moves to interesting bitter/sweet middle. Finish is drying – roasty and slightly bitter.
  • Drinkability & Notes – Aye, she’s a winner. This one is MUCH better warmer – pour two pints and let the 2nd sit and warm up. Super lovely dense flavors with great aroma. Quite drinkable considering the high terminal gravity – it drinks like a much bigger beer than the 4.3% ABV would suggest.

Read the other reviews over at Fuggled.

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2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes for 1933 Barclay Perkins Sweet Stout

  1. Indeed, I’ll be adding this one to the stable for a re-brew later. I think it might be fun to try a gyled version – do a sweeter Foreign Stout and this Milk Stout from a single mash.

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