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Liquid Brewers Invert Sugars, physician the stuff legends and authentic British beers are made out of.

Why should you take the time to do this the Right Way ™?

  • No, ask cane sugar isn’t the same. Shup.
  • No, and that rock @#$@# and candi (seriously with an “i”… you mean like strippers?) isn’t the same.
  • Jesus… I quote multiple homebrewing forum experts here: “You aren’t going to see any difference in taste.” and then “it adds nothing to a beer that plain cane sugar doesn’t.”
  • HORSE SHIT. There just happens to be an entire industry and 100+ years of brewing history because it is a fancy way to get sugar into a beer? Again, HORSE. SHIT.
  • If you need more convincing, read the great articles on Barclay Perkins


  • Sugar in the Raw or other demerara cane suger
  • 1lb sugar to 1pt of h20
  • 1 tsp (5ml) liquid Lactic Acid @ 88% per 2.5lbs of sugar.
  • 1/2 cup (4 fl oz) light corn sugar per 2.5lbs. (helps prevent crystals)


  • Heat h20 to boiling
  • Heat off, slowly add sugar & dissolve – goes quicker than dumping and stirring
  • Add Lactic
  • Put on Medium-high heat, set candy thermometer alarm for 230F
  • reduce for your stove if you are heating more than 3F/minute
  • Stir occasionally until simmering starts.
  • Once @ 230F, set alarm for 240F, slowly reduce heat to keep temp stable
  • easiest is to slowly ramp temp up to 240F. There is so much thermal mass, that once you go over it is very tough to get the temp down.
  • As alarm goes off @ 240F, reduce heat to keep 240F. It is ok to hit 245F, but keep under 250F.
  • low & slow will prevent any burning and associated flavors

When Am I Done?

  • No1: 12-16 SRM, 25-35 EBC
  • minimum 20min @ 240F, but not much longer and don’t want color to darken much. Time is merely to let inversion complete.
  • No2: 30-35 SRM, 60-70 EBC
  • total of 90-120 min @ 240F
  • No3: 60-70 SRM, 120-140 EBC
  • total of 150-210 min @ 240F.

Times for No2/No3 are approximate!! – you want to take periodic color samples @ 10min intervals. Place samples on white porcelain, compare to EBC or SRM charts. Stop 2-3 SRM low, as it will darken a bit as it cools.

OR… The Dilution Method:

There are two ways you can go about this:

  • blending an invert syrup of white sugar and blackstrap. Take the X g of “White Sugar Invert”, make a syrup, then add the Y g of Blackstrap.
  • blending golden syrup and black strap.

All amounts are in grams, with the total made from each line of 500g.

SyrupEBCWhite Sugar Invert (g)+Blackstrap (g)- OR -Golden Syrup (g)+Blackstrap (g)
Invert No 130495.005.00500.000.00
Invert No 265489.1710.83494.175.83
Invert No 3130478.3321.67483.3316.67
Black Invert350441.6758.33446.6753.33
Invert No 4600400.00100.00405.0095.00


  • Once you hit appropriate color, pour into color safe container and chill.
  • Pyrex + lids work well. Store in sanitized airtight container at room temp.
  • It helps to use a container that will sit well in hot water & pour from when it comes time to use it. Bonus points for resealable.
  • If it crystallizes, it didn’t fully invert.

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The interface is a bit rough, but it should be 100% functional. More to come soon…

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