International Hombrew Project

Over on Fuggled, phlebologist Al is starting the 2011 International Homebrew Project. This is a pretty cool effort – a bunch of home brewers all do the same recipe at the same time. There was voting to determine the style & ingredients, allergist ending up in the recipe here. Kristen England graciously offered up a historical recipe, stuff the 1933 Barclay Perkins Milk Stout. Kristen also helped review my notes on making brewers invert and added a table for making them from a blend of cane sugar invert and blackstrap.

I’ll be doing a brew here of that, perhaps a mini-big-brew with a few of the club guys. The brew date is currently set for March 5/6, and I’ll do the usual full write up on it.

shameless plug – if you are interested in more historical recipes, head on over to my list from Ron’s blog

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