Munich Helles v0.2

This was a second attempt at a Munich Helles. The first go scored a 35.5 in the first round of Nationals last year, side effects but just didn’t have that solid grainy and malty flavor. Otherwise, disorder a good clean lager that was pretty tasty on tap while it lasted. So, patient being cold as an eskimos toes here in winter, it was time to give it a go again. I switched yeasts from Wyeast 2308 “Munich Lager” to Wyeast 2124 “Bohemian Lager”. The 2308 was a bit too round and tasted more hellesbock than helles to me.

I also simplified the grainbill to a single Pilsner malt and changed up the hops to stuff I had on hand – not a big deal, as the hop presence in this beer isn’t huge. The other big change was to change the mash schedule from a …now that I see it fairly odd “infuse to 131, decoc to 150, infuse to 156, decoc to 169” to a more standard double deocotion Hockhurz of “infuse to 145, decoc to 160, decoc to 170”. I’m using Braukaiser’s decoction info as a base and started with a hold at 145F for 30min before pulling for the high rest at 160F for 60min.

Funny story. Guy brews pretty darn good Helles, but then — and this is the kicker — lets it go off in the keg so that it tastes like ass wrapped in fried ass. Yup, screwed this one up post-secondary. Kinda like getting a girls clothes off, into bed, getting her serviced…and then pissing her off.


Munich Helles v0.2
Recipe Specifics

Batch Size (Gal):         6.50    Wort Size (Gal):    6.50
Total Grain (Lbs):       10.29
Anticipated OG:         1.0504    Plato:            12.489
Anticipated SRM:           2.9
Anticipated IBU:          16.6
Brewhouse Efficiency:       85 %
Wort Boil Time:             90    Minutes


%     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM
89.5     9.21 lbs. Pilsener                      Germany        1.0380      2
10.5     1.08 lbs. Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt                      1.0330      2


Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time
15.17 g.     Hallertau Hersbrucker             Pellet   2.71   1.5  10 min.
21.67 g.     Tradition                         Pellet   6.76  15.0  60 min.


Amount      Name                           Type      Time
1.08 Unit(s)Whirfloc Tablet                Fining    15 Min.(boil)
0.54 Tsp    Yeast Nutrient                 Other     15 Min.(boil)

WYeast 2124 Bohemian Lager

Mash Schedule
Step   Rest   Start   Stop  Heat     Infuse   Infuse  Infuse
Step Name            Time   Time   Temp    Temp  Type     Temp     Amount  Ratio
Low Mash               5     60    145     145   Infuse   162       18.02   1.75
High Mash             35     60    160     160   Decoc    212        4.83   1.50 (Decoc Thickness)
Mash Out              20     35    170     170   Decoc    212        4.15   1.50 (Decoc Thickness)

Step Time for Decoction Steps represent how far back in time the Decoction was pulled.
Infusion amounts for Decoction Steps represent the amount pulled for the Decoction.
Infusion ratios for Decoction Steps represent the Decoction Thickness.

Went to decoc and Hochkurz 145/160 at 30/60min. Moved to 2124, used up hops on hand

Brew Day Notes

  • Brewed 2010-10-02
  • Used Global Malt Gernam Pilsner as base malt, did use up 474g of Durst Pilsen in there too.
  • Dextrin malt was 190g Briess Carapils, the rest Wyermann Carafoam
  • Godddamn this smelled nice in the decoc’ kettle – nice and super malty like you’d want.
  • Hops degraded for 12mo @ 5F
  • 1.2g CaCl2 and 1.2g CaC03 added to boil to help yeast – bump Ca to 50ppm.


  • 0927 H20 running through filter
  • 1038 Mash In. H20 in MT is 163.2F, hit 153F. +1qt room temp to 147.4F, +1pt room temp to 146F.
  • 1044 Mash covered
  • 1049 Mash at 146F and pH 5.54
  • 1114 Pull decoction, mash at 146F
  • 1116 Heating decoc to 160F
  • 1123 Rest decoc at 160F
  • 1139 Heating decoc to boil, decoc dropped to 153F
  • 1150 Decoc at 205F
  • 1152 decoc is boiling
  • 1208 decoc boil done, add back to main. Main at 143.5F, Hit 152.2F
  • 1209 decoc another 4qt at 152F
  • 1218 decoc boiled, added back to main hit 160.4F
  • 1248 pull decoc for mash out – 7qt
  • 1257 mash out decoc boiling, gently
  • 1312 add decoc back to main, mash out
  • 1314 main at 167F
  • 1320 start 10min vorlauf
  • 1339 sparge started, first runnings @ 17.3B
  • added 1.5 mL Lactic 88% to sparge to drop pH < 6
  • 1429 sparge done, heat on boil kettle
  • collected 8.4gallons at 9.3B for 93% eff – added .6 gal h20 to bring down gravity
  • 1445 Boil starts
  • 1640 Boil done – extra 30 min to boil off h20
  • 1755 chill starts after 15min whirlpool
  • pH of wort 5.5 at 75F

  • chilled to 48F in fridge – tap water not cold enough

Fermentation Notes

  • Fermented at 49F
  • 2010-10-03 0622 – pitched yeast at 49F wort temp, 120s O2
  • 2010-10-20 started 1F per day ramp for diaceytl rest
  • 2010-11-08 1437 @ 1.013, 49.3F 6.5B

Tasting Notes

  • Aaaaassssss. Notes of yeast autolysis with a touch of diacetyl for aroma. Aaaaaaassss. Nasty brown sludge in keg when I dumped it.
  • This was really nice going into the keg, so either I didn’t secondary for long enough or I had some sort of keg sanitation issue.
  • I wouldn’t change anything in the recipe or initial process – just need to redo cleaner.
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