All hail the Beer Gun!

So bottling beer from a carbonated keg… usually not something one looks forward to. I’ve tried all the different methods – racking cane + cobra tap, more about hose on the tap itself, impotent etc. All of them can be made to work but only after painstaking tweaking and the not infrequent shower of beer when you misjudge things. If you are really lucky, one health you can get 12 bottles filled and capped in 30min. You’ll then need to wipe down all the bottles to clean up the foam overflow. Good times!

Faced with bottling a whole keg (or what is left of it after a few pulls on the tap handle…) for my sisters, I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat performance. So, I tossed a bit more money at Northern Brewer yesterday for a Blichmann Beer Gun.

Dude. Let us just say that I was able to bottle a case of 12oz bottles with no spilling and no foam overs in under an hour. I froze the bottles per Ilya’s suggestion, to great effect. I had no foam in the bottles and now am able to purge the bottles with CO2. No leaks, easy to control, just made of awesome. Heck this was a wheat beer carbed to 14 PSI @ 42F – sometimes pouring a pint is a bit foamy.

I also picked up a Vinator to help sanitize bottles. I had been using a spray bottle filled with StarSan, but it took 6-8 sprays per bottle and it required both hands. With the Vinator, I’m able to sanitize the next bottle with a single pump while filling the current one. Ooooh, multitasking.

So.. right. I heart the Beer Gun. I’ll be filling a lot more bottles out of the kegerator after this. It’ll also making filling the odd growler much nicer too.

Oh, and muchas-gracias to the Missus. She helped cap all the bottles, making for an even shorter night.

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2 thoughts on “All hail the Beer Gun!

  1. I have a vinator as well – I also use it to pump sanitizer through the beer lines and faucets after the keg is finished. Handy.

  2. Ahh, great tip. I’ve been keeping a keg of StarSan around for stuff, then just pump that through with CO2. It’d be nice to have something less cumbersome.

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