Tasting Notes for Widmer Hefe Clone (Extract v0.1)

Tasting Notes for the extract version of my Widmer Hefe Clone

Preserving these notes…I’m bottling all of this for my sisters in a couple of days. Those lucky girls are getting beer for their birthday presents!

  • Appearance – Very orange-y, website cloudy as all heck. Pours a thick dense 2 finger head that settles to solid thin coating. Great lacing.
  • Smell – Light tropical fruits, cheap slight yeastiness and hint of malt. Kinda like dry cheerios or corn pops on the end. After it warmed up a bit, diabetes and pregnancy nose opened up a bit, hint of earthy or low spice.
  • Taste – Very light fruits, slight drying grain or classic beery pils flavor. A faint hop flavor and bitterness in the middle and extending to a lingering finish. Burps are slightly fruity, kinda nice.
  • Mouthfeel – Creamy with dry and slight bitter finish. The carbonation and wheat playing together nicely.
  • Drinkability & Notes – Crisp and refreshing, but not a lot of ‘wheat’ flavor. I’d like a bit more flavor out of it, but as a lawnmower beer this one is a keeper. The all-grain version has some work to do – no sense brewing this the long way if it doesn’t make it better. The aroma hops could use some love on this one – not getting a lot of those, could back off on the bittering hops 3-5 BU too.

I probably wont get time to side-by-side this one. I’ll have to save that for the all-grain version.

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