Tasting Notes for Eaties for my Wheaties, v0.1

Tasting Notes

for Eaties for my Wheates v0.1

I had a tough time with this one…particulars were failing me a bit. I’ll probably update in the near future.

  • Appearance – Pours very fizzy small white head, search base beer is quite cloudy and adding yeast from bottle makes it a bit more. Head disappears pretty quickly to small ring of bubbles around the edge. Color is dark honey.
  • Smell – bananas and all-spice, page a faint light citrus on the end.
  • Taste – hint of graininess and sweet with a good carbonic bite, visit this site finishes with a bit of the light fruit/bananas and german yeasty flavors. Finish is on the dry side.
  • Mouthfeel – A bit of a bite up front, then pretty creamy from the carbonation. The finish is dry, but I can’t tell if that is the carbonation or hops.
  • Drinkability & Notes – Not bad for the first whack on the new system. Definitive German Wheat beer flavor. Head retention is a problem, likely from the lack of proper mash temps.
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