Squeaky’s Revenge v0.3

New Belgium 1554

Ahh, tadalafil Sturgis 2009. What a bastion of fond memories! Long story short, nurse the Nemo Guest Ranch is right across the road from my buddy Bruce’s place. We’d ride all day, capsule then head back at night to park the bikes and drink at the bar. Such a blissful week.

“Squeaky” is the nickname I gave to the guy that the bar had allowed to sing songs and play guitar to pay for his camp site. Dude sucked and had a high voice. The only tolerable way to survive the night was to chug New Belgium 1554, one of the 4 tap beers. This was my first drinking of 1554 and we were quite impressed that a rustic bar way up in the Black Hills would have beer that tasty.

So… this is my 3rd attempt at cloning this beer. There is a bit of good information on the internets that claim to have inside knowledge on cloning this beer.

From the web links, it seems the original version wasn’t very roasty but that this changed in 2009. Given that roastier version is what we drank, that is what I’m shooting for.

I started off with debittered black and a bit less chocolate malt in v1 to pretty good results – I was just missing a bit of body and some of the darker flavors. I bumped up the chocolate malt in v2 and the mash temps to 154F. The body was good, but it was more a chocolate flavor than I needed. v3 has us back to the original grist, but moving to regular black patent to get the roastiness that 1554 has.


Squeaky's Revenge

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines
16-E  Belgian & French Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale

Min OG:  1.040   Max OG:  1.070
Min IBU:    20   Max IBU:    40
Min Clr:     3   Max Clr:     8  Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal):         6.00    Wort Size (Gal):    6.00
Total Grain (Lbs):       12.69
Anticipated OG:         1.0583    Plato:            14.339
Anticipated SRM:          24.7
Anticipated IBU:          26.6
Brewhouse Efficiency:       75 %
Wort Boil Time:             60    Minutes


%     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM
59.1     7.50 lbs. Pale Malt(2-row)              Great Britain  1.0380      3
26.8     3.40 lbs. Munich Malt                   Germany        1.0370      8
8.4     1.07 lbs. Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt                      1.0330      2
3.2     0.40 lbs. Chocolate Malt                America        1.0290    350
2.5     0.32 lbs. Black Patent Malt             Great Britain  1.0270    525

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time
16.00 g.     Magnum                            Pellet  11.98  26.6  60 min.


Amount      Name                           Type      Time
1.00 Unit(s)Whirfloc Tablet                Fining    15 Min.(boil)
1.00 Tsp    Grains of Paradise             Spice      5 Min.(boil)

WYeast 2124 Bohemian Lager

Mash Schedule
Mash Name: 154F

Step   Rest   Start   Stop  Heat     Infuse   Infuse  Infuse
Step Name            Time   Time   Temp    Temp  Type     Temp     Amount  Ratio
Sacchrification        5     60    154     154   Infuse   174       15.86   1.25

Brew Day Notes

  • Brewed 2010-07-17
  • Used Meussdoerffer Munich and Dingemans Pale Malt.
  • I took ridiculously detailed notes on this one in hopes of finding missing time and ensuring I capture necessary data.
  • 2010-07-13: Made 2.2L starter from 2 pks of yeast. ‘mrmalty’ calc said 42% viability, so I need to use more base yeast. Used 0.5tsp Wyeast nutrient per 1L of starter and 100g of DME.
  • 30s O2; starter on stir plate @ room temp of 72F
  • Hops corrected from 12.5% to 11.98% for 9mo @ 5F of German Magnum. Hops are first use of Hops Direct order with Rick
  • totally forgot to add the spices… oops

Detailed Notes:

  • 0834 started
  • 0848 5gal into HLT, started heating to 174F. pump is on and recirculating; pre-heat mash-tun with 4gal 119F tap water.
  • 0908 HLT to 174F. Mashed in with 4.3gal, temp of H20 in tun is 169.9F, was a bit high temp, so added 2qt @78F, after 5min dropped to 151.F.
  • need to wait longer before doing temp adjustments!
  • ended with 1.55 qt/lb mash
  • 0932 Mash pH 5.25, start prepping sparge. 6.7 gal + 2mL 88% Lactic to pH 5.27 @ 124F
  • 0947 Mash @ 151.5F
  • 1032 Mash @ 150.7F, start 10min mash vorlauf with pump
  • good dark color, 19.4B (1.0787)
  • 1044 start run-off to kettle – dropping volume to 1″ above grain
  • 1049 started sparge
  • 1121 kettle flame on
  • 1131 sparge done – used 4.2gal
  • pre-boil is 7.1gal @ 12.3B (1.0487). 73.6% efficiency
  • 1154 Boil on! Hops in!
  • 1233 Dissolved whirfloc and 0.5tsp Wyeast Nutrient in bit of wort
  • 1239 whirfloc & nutrient added
  • 1255 flame off, 15 min whirlpool started
  • 1310 chill started, runnings are 79F
  • post-boil is 15B (1.0599)

Fermentation Notes

  • Fermented at 63-64F
  • 6gal into fermenter
  • 2010-07-17 @19.14: pitched started after decanting as much as possible. 75s O2, wort temp 67F.
  • 2010-07-18 @ 07.17: fluffly/foamy krausen and started airlock activity
  • 2010-07-18 @ 11.30: junk in airlock, added blow-off tube
  • 2010-07-18: chugging like mad
  • 2010-07-20 @ 20.21: starting to slow
  • 2010-07-23 @ 00.02: almost no blow off activity
  • 2010-07-28 @ 22.06: 1.0154 – bumped to 68F to help push past 73.4% ADF
  • gravity test was good – big mouthfeel, lots of chocolate and hint of black/roast.
  • 2010-08-04: Kicked down to 42F in primary to start cleaning up.
  • 2010-08-14 @ 15.41: 1.0134 for 77% ADF and 6.16% ABV. Definitely fermented out a bit more, looking forward to seeing how this does carbonated. Bigger than last time…
  • Kegged. 11PSI for 2.3 Volumes CO2 @ 42F

Tasting Notes

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