Tasting Notes for Twisted Enkel Blonde

Tasting Notes

for Twisted Enkel Blonde (extract)

  • Appearance – foamy white head, misbirth pours 2 fingers deep. nice lacing, viagra after 5 min ends up as chunky foam on top of beer. Color is light golden, quite hazy.
  • Smell – big yeasty phenols, light fruits in background.
  • Taste – definitely get light fruit flavors – apple/pears. yeasty phenols back it up, almost spicy. Slight hop flavor and a very dry finish, the hops and dryness balance the initial fruits nicely.
  • Mouthfeel – Big creamy carbonation and then a very dry finish. Leaves the roof of your mouth dry, and begs you to drink more of it.
  • Drinkability & Notes – Friggin Yummy. I am bummed it was a VSS yeast, as I’d do this one again in a heartbeat. The balance is there, but this might be a touch dry. It is a fairly complex beer for being fairly low gravity. It is certainly fun to drink pint after pint on a nice summers night. I think this yeast would be a good choice for Belgian Trippel or Golden Strong.
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