Widmer Hefe Clone, Extract v.01

Widmer Hefe

I am a big fan of beer fit for the current season. Summertime for me means fairly light and refreshing brews – lots of lawnmower beers as it were. One style I’ve started poking around is American Wheat. There are a lot of crap ones out there, drug but I consistently enjoy Widmer Hefeweizen. To me it is a nice beer with some actual backbone and character, not like its style-mates. Oh yeah, my sisters both like this style too — so I’m going to give them each a case for their belated birthday presents.

Besides that, trying to clone a commercial beer is a good technical challenge. Widmer has pretty good info on their website, so it is just a matter of trying to put the pieces together, brew it, taste it side-by-side, then tweak and redo.

If that weren’t enough fun, I wanted to benchmark my all-grain process against consistent and known materials like DME and LME. I’ll brew the “same” recipe in both extract and all-grain, then compare the results. It should give me a good benchmark to shoot for….


Widmer Hefe Extract Clone v0.1

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal):         6.00    Wort Size (Gal):    6.00
Total Grain (Lbs):        8.17
Anticipated OG:         1.0485    Plato:            12.035
Anticipated SRM:           6.4
Anticipated IBU:          31.3
Brewhouse Efficiency:       70 %
Wort Boil Time:             60    Minutes


%     Amount     Name                          Origin        Potential SRM
14.7     1.20 lbs. Briess DME- Weizen            America        1.0430      8
73.4     6.00 lbs. Briess LME- Weizen            America        1.0360      4
8.0     0.65 lbs. Munich Malt(2-row)            America        1.0350      6
3.9     0.32 lbs. Crystal 40L                   America        1.0340     40


Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time
7.00 g.     Warrior                           Pellet  13.43  13.6  60 min.
8.00 g.     Nugget                            Pellet  12.11  14.0  60 min.
18.00 g.     Cascade                           Whole    4.22   1.7  1 min.
18.00 g.     Willamette                        Pellet   4.63   2.0  1 min.


Amount      Name                           Type      Time
0.50 Tsp    Yeast Nutrient                 Other     15 Min.(boil)

WYeast 1007 German Ale

Mash Schedule
Total Grain Lbs:    0.97
Total Water Qts:    2.50 - Before Additional Infusions
Total Water Gal:    0.63 - Before Additional Infusions

Step   Rest   Start   Stop  Heat     Infuse   Infuse  Infuse
Step Name            Time   Time   Temp    Temp  Type     Temp     Amount  Ratio
Mash Out               5     10    169     169   Infuse   183        2.50   2.58

Total Water Qts:            2.50 - After Additional Infusions
Total Water Gal:            0.63 - After Additional Infusions
Total Mash Volume Gal:      0.70 - After Additional Infusions

All temperature measurements are degrees Fahrenheit.
All infusion amounts are in Quarts.
All infusion ratios are Quarts/Lbs.

Brew Day Notes

  • Brewed 2010-07-06
  • Extract brew in the morning, all-grain in the afternoon.
  • Warm bastard – ran 5k early that morning and never quit sweating…but still beats going to work on a Tuesday!
  • Used Meusdoerffer Munich
  • Held ~3lbs of LME until last 15min of boil.
  • I couldn’t find Millennium or German Magnum hops, so I went with Nugget.
  • Whole Cascade hops are from 2007 – still nice and green in the FoodSaver vaccuum bags.
  • Collected 6gal @ 12.5B (1.0495)

Fermentation Notes

  • 1.2L starter made night before. Just O2 and intermittent shake, no stir plate. I needed more time – should have done this 5 days before to give the poor flocc’ing yeast time to drop. Decanted ~0.5L, pitched rest.
  • Fermented at 64F
  • Needed a blow off tube – blew huge foam the first few days, then slow and steady for 2 weeks.
  • 2010-07-13: 1.016. Huge tropical fruit nose and taste
  • 2010-07-17: 1.012. Done – 74.5% ADF, 4.94% ABV. Cleaned up nicely, this one should be good.
  • 2010-07-17: kegged, put into kegerator at 11PSI and 42F to carbonate.
  • 2010-07-30: Bottled 24x 12oz bottles for sisters.
  • 2010-08-04: Keg kicked while sister was here.

Tasting Notes

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