the beast is alive

Soo… to start off, pills I finally have a vehicle that you can drive in the winter. Here is the lovely, and yet unamed truck: new truck.

It was an interesting time getting this guy going, as I bought the truck from a friend of the family. It needed a new transmission, so I dredged up the long unused mechanical skills (some would argue that they ever existed), pretended I was a ‘real man’ and with the help of Josh Morse, got the transmission pulled, rebuilt and put back in.
The score:

  • Number of Bud Light cans consumed during process: 18
  • Nights of fun in heated garage: 2
  • Temperature of said garage: 70F
  • Temperature of concrete floor under truck : -145F
  • Number of cats who decided that the floor was their toilet: 2
  • Amount of carpet removed from floor due to stinking like cat pee: 1/2 garage
  • Number of times cat shit was found due to scent rather than looking at floor: 5
  • Number of cases of ATF fluid used: 1.2
  • Knuckles sacrificed to the shitty tool gods: 1, albiet twice.
  • Semi truck lug nut wrenches used for nefarious purposes: 1 (used to get the transfer case filler plug out. Who uses blue Locktite on a f*in filler plug?)
  • Times Nic had to stop working because he was in danger of wetting pants from laughing so hard: 30
  • Times Nic had to stop working becuase he was in danger of wetting pants due to leaking ATF fluid: 2
  • Extra parts: 2 wires for reverted overdrive, 1 washer.

For those of you who care: 1982 Chevy 1/2 Ton. Rebuilt 400 with just rebuild Turbo 350. Lock out hubs, dual gas tanks, and 31″x10.50″ tires. Beefy. Interior is good, and I think I will be able to get groceries in it đŸ˜‰

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